Speaking and Consulting Topics

Intro to Movement and the FMS

The goal of this lecture is to define quality movement as well as introduce the Functional Movement Screen.  Attendees will acquire a new way to look at assessments as well as a renewed sense of appreciation for fundamental movement.

Key movement principles will set the stage for a new paradigm in assessing athletes and individuals looking to increase their activity level.

The Functional Movement Screen is a grading system created to assess and document functional movement patterns.  By assessing these patterns, functional limitations and asymmetries are readily identified.  Basic movement pattern limitation can reduce the effects of functional training, and increase the risk of injury during exercise or athletic competition.

corrective strategies and Practical application

At the heart of the FMS system is the Functional Movement Screen score and the movement patterns, which are directly linked to the most beneficial corrective exercises to restore mechanically sound movement patterns.

In this presentation attendees will acquire the skills necessary to interpret and prioritize the results of the screen.  Corrective strategies and specific exercises will be shown to assist in reducing injury potential, enhancing durability, and maximizing performance. 

Attendees will also gain an understanding of several ways in which corrective intervention can be applied across individuals, teams, groups, and organizations.


designing dynamic warm Ups

If you aren’t using dynamic warm-ups with your students/athletes, you’re missing out on a valuable tool for reducing injury, improving coordination, increasing flexibility, correcting movement impairments, and enhancing overall 

Join strength coach, Frank Dolan for a lecture and hands-on workshop on the what’s, why’s, and how’s of designing and implementing dynamic warm ups.

post rehab considerations for student athletes

How do you know when your student athletes are ready to safely come back to competition? More often than not, athletes are discharged from rehab before they are ready to participate. What will you do to reduce the incidence of re-injury?

Join strength coach, Frank Dolan for a lecture and hands-on workshop on how to develop a return to play protocol for your student athletes.

speed and power development

This workshop is designed to teach all aspects of speed and power development.

program design

under construction

energy system development using the imett system

under construction


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